This Platform is created for the students with the sole objective to ace in their on-campus recruitments at MIT, Manipal.

Upon navigating on to the 'Test' , students of respective departments shall find the embedded test links which would be redirected to the HackerEarth portal whereby students can attempt the practice tests for their recruitments.

The practice tests houses a repository of questions from the third till sixth semester subjects of respective departments, questions received from the feedback of seniors and key points mentioned from our recruiters.

This practice tests shall simulate the actual environment of Online Tests (OTs) as conducted by the recruiting companies and would also enable a student to crack their technical rounds during their interviews.

This would serve as the 1st edition for this unique initiative for the same so as to accomplish more selection of the students towards their career opportunities. We shall be updating the test portal with more latest questions as and when the process for a recruiting company shall finish successfully, however, it is subjected to the response of the students to this first edition.


  • However, it is to be duly noted that the questions asked in the tests here may or may not be similar to what actually might ensue in the recruitment process.
    It is anticipated hereby that the students will take due consideration, in comprehending, for the same.

           Thus, we shall claim no responsibility and liability, in any manner whatsoever for the same, for any complaint  or accusation in this regard.

  • The contents provided in the test may contain privileged or confidential information and it is intended solely for academic purposes of the students. You are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, duplication or distribution of the same is strictly prohibited. Thus, students should REFRAIN from any display / post / discussion about the same on ANY social media networking sites. Failure to do so shall attract strict disciplinary actions for the same.


 All rights reserved with the creator of this platform.


1. For the centralised placement training platform: https://themitpost.com/placement-training-platform-student-council-initiative/ 

2. For the e-grievance cell: https://themitpost.com/helping-hand-student-councils-e-grievance-cell-placements-internships/



This initiative is a fruition of the interactions with the visiting companies for on-campus recruitments at MIT, Manipal who have been critical in expressing their concern that the students should be technically sound and should have an overall edge over the basic concepts covered in their undergraduate academic curriculum.
This enterprise also serves as a derivative of our longstanding experience with array of such organisations in comprehending the fundamental idea of what an employer seeks in a employee.
Thus, in instating this initiative and entrusting us with their esteemed confidence, we would express our warm appreciations and heartfelt thanks to the faculties and Heads of Department of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biotechnology Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering,Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, Department of Information & Communication Technology, Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering and Department of Mechatronics Engineering.
We would like to express our gratitude to the concrete efforts made by the Administration of Industry Liaison, Placement and Practice School, MIT, Manipal, in leaving no stone unturned in bringing this vision into action.
Principally, we would appreciate the time-honoured trust and incessant support from the students of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.
From the creator of this platform, on behalf of Student Council (2019-20) :
- Harish Pawar , Placement Secretary, Student Council'20, MIT, Manipal.

© Copyright Harish Pawar